Social Thinking – We Thinkers – Volume 1 Social Explorers (School Based Program)


Did you know that the most important predictor of success later in life is a child’s social/emotional development?  This is why the Social Thinking curriculum was developed and why we are offering to bring it to your Kindergarten to grade 2 classrooms.  Sessions are 45 minutes to one hour in length (will fit the length of your class period).  Social Thinking Volume 1, “The Incredible Flexible You”™, will introduce students to concepts like: Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings, following the Group Plan, making observations and decisions by Thinking with Your Eyes, keeping your Body in the Group, and how to use Whole Body Listening.  By hearing this vocabulary repeated week after week in the stories and while participating in the group activities, students will become very comfortable using these words and they will gain a solid understanding about what they mean.

Age range: Children in Kindergarten to Grade 2

Dates: Ongoing throughout the school year

Registration deadline: N/A

Cost: No cost

Location: Individual schools in Airdrie and Area 

Where/how to register: Groups are booked by the individual schools. If you think your child could benefit from attending, please contact your school’s CDA or Guidance Counsellor



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