Mindfulness Series 1-2-3 (School Based Program)


If you have a youth in grades 5-8 who often has big feelings that can be overwhelming for you and for them, then this group is for you. Your youth will attend 3 sessions where we will discuss mind-body awareness and wellness through relaxation and mindfulness techniques while increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Age range:  Youth in Grades 5-8

Dates: Individual schools will set dates and times. Lunch and after school sessions are also available, upon request.

Registration deadline: N/A

Cost: No cost

Location: Individual schools in Airdrie and Area 

Where/how to register: Groups are booked by the individual schools. If you think your child could benefit from attending, please contact your school’s CDA or Guidance Counsellor

For more information, please contact us directly at info@nrvcl.ab.ca.

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