Ways To Link To Us

Special Giving Options

Thoughtfully prepared gifts, like a willed bequest or a gift of life insurance, are gifts that can form the financial bedrock for the future of the programs and services provided by Community Links. In addition to the personal satisfaction a donor receives from supporting an organization near and dear to their heart, a financial supporter of Community Links may also be attracted by the tax benefits some planned gifts can provide. We invite you to learn more about the special opportunities to support the work of Community Links. Through careful planning and by talking with your family and financial advisor, it is often possible to provide a gift much larger than you ever thought possible.


  1. Estate Planning: A bequest allows you to make a significant and meaningful gift today, while preserving your assets during your lifetime. Through your will, you can specify that a portion of your assets are donated to Community Links.
  2. Life Insurance: When you give a gift of a new or existing insurance policy naming Community Links as beneficiary, you receive peace of mind in building a sizable gift for the future with small premiums now. You will enjoy tax credits during your lifetime or your estate benefits. You can also make Community Links the beneficiary of your RRSP with the same benefits.
  3. Charitable Gift Annuities: These gift types, whether cash, securities or real estate, is a way of providing you with an annual income for life (or a guaranteed payment period) while providing a current gift to us. The amount of income received is determined by the value of the gift and the annuity rate.
  4. Gift of Securities: A gift of appreciated securities or mutual funds will help you reduce or eliminate your capital gains tax while providing support to the individuals and communities we support.
  5. Gifts in Kind: If you choose to provide a gift in kind, Community Links will provide a tax receipt for the monetary value of the usable tangible property. Values can vary.


Becoming a Sponsor/Investor

The success of Community Links is attributed to the combination of qualified and caring staff, remarkable community and the financial support of our generous investors.

The valuable programs and services provided by Community Links continue to help make a difference for individuals, children, youth and families. We are asking for ongoing community support in reaching our vision of making the North Rocky View Region a home for Strong Individuals  Strong Families  Strong Communities.

With your help, we can build on the strengths and possibilities for our community.

Please contact Matt at 403 945 3900 or 1 866 945 3905 or email him at matt@nrvcl.ab.ca


Host an Event

1. It is the sole responsibility of Community Links to do the following in a timely and accountable manner:

  • Process appropriate donor tax receipting
  • Initiate donor acknowledgement


2. Donors should be referred to any of the following methods of contact with Community Links, when making a financial contribution:

Mail: Community Links (211 – 125 Main St. NW, Airdrie, AB, T4B 0P7)

Phone: (403) 945-3900 or 1-866-945-3905

Fax: (403) 945.3901

Web site: www.nrvcl.ab.ca

E-mail: laurie@nrvcl.ab.ca

In person:

Airdrie – South Office (211 – 125 Main St. NW, Airdrie, AB)

Beiseker (1, 401 – 5th St. Beiseker, AB)


3. Tax receipts can only be issued by Community Links to the “true” donor. Only an individual or company that has made a voluntary donation may receive a tax receipt for the recorded donation.


4. A tax receipt is non-transferable (i.e. Third parties cannot receive tax receipts by proxy, in lieu of the “true” donor).


5. Tax receipts will be issued only if the following information accompanies the eligible donation:

  • Donor’s full name
  • Donor’s contact information (phone, address)


6. Donations collected by a Third Party on behalf of Community Links must be rendered directly to Community Links in a timely manner upon receipt by the third party. A date will be agreed upon at the time of the signing of the agreement.


7. Donations in the form of a cheque, money order or credit card must be clearly made out to “Community Links”.


8. Donated gifts (goods) cannot be tax receipted unless a retail/wholesale receipt accompanies them or if the item is appraised by an authorized appraisal agent and if all the following conditions apply:

  • The amount of the tax receipt can only be issued based upon the net portion of the object sales receipt and not on the portion pertaining to GST/PST, surcharges, etc.
  • The assessed value or gross amount of the gift item (determined by the original sales receipt) purchased by a third party on behalf of a donor, must equal the exact amount donated.


9. All fundraising conducted on behalf of Community Links by Third Parties must adhere to the Revenue Canada rules and regulations governing donations and donor eligibility (www.cra.gc.ca/charities). Please refer to CRA guidelines.


10. The designated representative for Community Links must be notified of all fundraising activities planned and undertaken on behalf of Community Links by a Third Party.


11. Unauthorized fundraising activity conducted in the name of Community Links is prohibited.


12. It is understood that no outside businesses may be solicited by a Third Party on behalf of Community Links without prior approval by the Executive Director.


13. All promotional materials must be approved by Community Links prior to publication and posting. Please refer to media guidelines.


14. No Third Party may make public written or verbal statements on behalf of Community Links unless specifically authorized to do so by the Executive Director.