Chase the Ace!

17 Oct Chase the Ace!

Congratulations to Dean who pulled the Ace of Hearts on November 8th at Mr. Mikes! Dean’s payout was 49.60 plus the progressive for a total of 264.00! thank you again for everyone who played and don’t worry, we will be out again next Friday to start Chase the Ace again at the Toad ‘N Turtle!

General Information

  • Chase the Ace is a progressive raffle
  • Tickets will be sold for $2 each; Cash only
  • Payouts:
    • Winners from individual draws win 20% of the proceeds from that draw; then they have the
      opportunity to draw one card from the deck.
    • If it’s the “Ace of Hearts”, then they will also receive 30% of the total proceeds and
      the raffle ends;
    • If the “Ace of Hearts” is not drawn, then the 30% carries forward to the next
      individual draw and is added to the total payout.
  • Individual draws continue until someone selects the “Ace of Hearts”; there will be a maximum of 21 individual draws (3 draws per night over 7 nights)


The Chase the Ace raffle will end when one of the following happens:

  • Someone draws the “Ace of Hearts”;
  • Our maximum number of tickets has been sold (4000);
  • The last draw takes place (December 13 at 7 pm).


Draw Locations and Details

Draws will take place on Fridays, weekly, starting November 1 and ending December 13 (unless the “Ace of Hearts” is drawn before then)

Draw locations are as follows:

  • November 15 – Toad ‘n Turtle
  • November 22 – Sorso
  • November 29 – Original Joe’s
  • December 6 – Brewsters
  • December 13 – Balzac Brewery

Three individual draws will take place at each location at 5 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm. Tickets do not carry
forward to subsequent draws

Tickets for the next draw will not be sold until the previous draw has been completed (i.e. the
winner has been identified and drawn a card from the deck).


Important Raffle Information

  • AGLC Raffle License # 549556; There are only 4,000 tickets available
  • Must be 18 years or older to purchase tickets
  • Tickets will be sold until 5 min before advertised draw time
  • Winner must be present to win
  • Winner will have 5 min to identify themselves to claim their prize; after 5 min a re-draw will occur
  • Draw winners names and images (photo, video) may be shared on social media
  • A Community Links representative will shuffle the deck prior to each draw
  • Drawn cards will be displayed at each event
  • An update will be shared weekly on Community Links social media to indicate the drawn cards and
    the amount of money available in the progressive draw
  • Individual draw winners, will be paid out in cash at the time of the draw
  • The ultimate winner (i.e. person who pulls the “Ace of Hearts”) will be paid out by cheque within
    two weeks of the draw date when the card was drawn
  • Staff and volunteers of Community Links are eligible to purchase tickets, except the Raffle
    Chairperson and those directly involved in selling tickets for that specific draw.



Thanks to everyone for your support!