Board of Directors

Meet Our Board of Directors

``I have chosen to join the Community Links Board as it allows me to donate my time, knowledge and experience to an important organization that supports the communities of North Rocky View.``

Brett Mark


``I joined the Community Links Board to support the programs and services provided by Community Links. My strong background in Service Clubs and FCSS programming will help me to help Community Links make Airdrie a great place to live.``

Dirk Bannister


``There is nothing more satisfying than giving back to the community in which I work and live. Community Links provides important services for people who need help and make Airdrie a better place to live, and that benefits all of us, who call Airdrie home.``

Kelly Ross


``The act of volunteering creates a healthy and engaged community. By joining the Community Links Board, I hope to bolster the organization's programs and services, building on Airdrie's foundation of a strong and resilient community``

Michelle Wagner


``I joined the Board of Directors to play a part in ensuring our communities continue to be strengthened and supported by the vast programming and services provided by Community Links.``

Monica Simpson


“The mission of Community Links is to strengthen individuals, families, and communities by providing them with and connecting them to services, supports, and resources. If this mission is to be anything more than wishful thinking, everyone in our community has to chip in something…l have time, effort and expertise.”

James Sakeah


I joined the Board to 'allow something meaningful to contribute to my own growth and development; and, more importantly, to contribute something meaningful to the communities served through the excellent programming and supports provided by Community Links.'

Julia Arndt


I joined the board because I am very impressed with the work that Community Links is doing. I see this organization as being unique in the number of services provided, as well as the strong partnerships with other organizations. I want to do what I can to support these efforts.

Stuart Clark